About Us

Who we are
My Journey began in 2017 when I discovered my passion for creating beauty with something as simple as lash extensions. My Studio opened 2020 and has continued to grow in our beautiful community. As a team, we provide various services such as Facials, Waxing, Threading, and a variety of Lash Styles. 
Now, our goal is to provide high quality products for beginners and established lash colleagues. I have personally tested products since 2017 and have put together a variety of items that fit every lash technician's needs. After lashing for many years, I strongly believe I have gained enough experience to create Amari Lash Professional and hope every lash artist finds my products helpful in their lash journey.
As of 5-13-2024 our Lash Extension Training Program has been approved by Az State Board of Cosmetology and we will be providing trainings for anybody that would like to be a professional Lash Artisit.  Hope to see you in one of our trainings in the future! 
               Connie Ramirez